Welcome to my Home

Hello. And welcome to my new home. I haven’t yet unpacked and found where everything is, but I think I’ll stay here for a while so until I have nothing more to say, no more time to say it or it proves to be too much of a pain in the ass. This is where you can find my goings on.

I’m going to be posting a few things whilst I get my head around how this internet of things and blogging stuff works, hopefully make the site a little less clunky each time and eventually link it back to fb and all that jazz. But until then I hope you can stay with me as something pretty big kicks of very very soon. Well at least BIG for me. You probably don’t and won’t care, actually you’ll probably loath and detest my arrogance to do such things as the things that I’ll be doing. But I will be doing them nevertheless, and thinking of you all whilst doing them.

So until then…. find a nice place to sit, have a drink and relax.

… Actually better have another, this might take me some time to sort out!

2 Replies to “Welcome to my Home”

  1. That,s really cool, good job Sam I think its going to work really well.Love the quirky humour you add to the posts.

    1. Thx. But actually so far setting this up has been a real pain in the ass, but like everything once its easy it will be easy!

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