ANZ Rewards 50% Bonus Transfer to Velocity

Transfer your ANZ Rewards to Velocity by 31st May and receive a whopping 50% bonus points on the amount of Velocity points received.

This is comprised of two parts;

1. 20% Velocity bonus.

2. 30% ANZ booster.

Effectively this offer increases the normal transfer rate of 2:1 to 2:1.5 which is a great redemption of ANZ rewards. And at this rate even thou I don’t have specific use in mind now I know I’m going to use them in the next 12 months and in case this offer isn’t repeated (which it likely will be) I’ll be making a speculative transfer as that way when I want the points they are their and I won’t risk missing a reward.

If you you plan on making the transfer better hurry as offer ends 31 May so to be safe allowing for up to the five working days transfer rate (although it rarely takes this long) I’d get you transfer done by 26 May to be sure.

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