a Belize Police Station Breakfast

So as is my pension for street food I was wandering downtown Belize late one Sunday night when I came across Dana. Now downtown Belize is not really a place I recommend for the foreign person, especially at night, and especially as a blanc (which according to the Hatiens does include me, who knew?). But with any risk I figure should come reward, and reward it did when I found Dana and here roadside stall.

Well Danas street side meatballs were bloody terrific to say the least, and matched perfectly to a bottle of the local Belikin draught. Sadly tho as I told her I wouldn’t be able to enjoy her food again due to leaving in the morning. To which she replied by inviting me down to the local police station at precinct three for breakfast, as she was the cook!

You ripper I thought and with that headed off back to the Belcove Hotel (located a block from the heart of everything right in downtown and on the main canal, this is simply THE place to stay in Belize city…. if you dare).

The Belcove Hotel


Well the next morning, and after some rather intrepid inquiries from within the local constabulary as to the whereabouts of the Canteen (which certaintly did raise some eyebrows) I soon enough found myself inside and in front of (whilst i’m sure would appear contrary to appearance) yet another bloody terrific traditional Belizean dish. And do you think Dana was just a little excited when I burst through the door….. (hint she was).

Ahh, Breakfast

And if you don’t believe that this is inside Police HQ, just read the little notice next to the menu!

BTW – Belize is the only English speaking country south of the USA, which after three months of Spanish did take me a little of guard.

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