Better than Gaffa?

Two, three, maybe even four weeks of travel and you can get by just fine. But once your into month two, and especially when you hit double digits travel takes on a whole new dimension; your body starts breaking and so does your stuff. And as is the mother of invention, necessity means you find a way with what you have.

So to make the inevitable easier I take a few essentials; a pocket knife (remember to get that out of carry-on before checking bags…. I once actually got my checked bag brought back to me at the counter from THE TARMAC so I could put a knife in it that I forget was in my carry-on. But I’ll share that story later…).

Sorry, yes, a knife, rope, travel clothes line, sewing kit, some glue, electrical tape, masking tape. A few items that (trust me) all have been saviours. Including this one… Tenacious Tape by Gear Aid.

It comes in clear and all sorts of colours and repairs things like Tents, Tarps, Sleeping bags, ski pants, Gaiters, Umbrellas (you get the idea)… AND down Jackets!

My brand new worn-once North Face got a little too close to a fire

But with a little cushion stuffing and some tenacity, and whilst I wouldn’t say as good as new, I’d say

It’s as good as will do!

You can buy it in patches but I get the roll. Most outdoor stores or eBay.

Tenacious Tape Repair Tape

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