A Volcanic Thought on Mortality

Holy Sh*t!

My heart goes out to those whose life has just changed forever, lost someone they love, or sadly lost their own life.

Volcan de Fuego in Guatemala has erupted unleashing fiery lava and ash as locals flee

When something like this happens at place so fresh in your memory that it could have been yesterday, you tend to pause and consider your own mortality for a moment. And wonder just how close you might be to danger or death at any given moment. Or how close you were, and not even realised.

I’m a pretty calculating person when it comes to risks and risk management. But strangely sometimes I just figure that as long as the guy in front is not worried, then why should I?

But maybe this philosophy needs a review…..

Volcan de Fuego
Base Camp
the Eruption
Volcan de Fuego

And that night as I sat, to hear and feel the earth rumble and shake and watch the sky light up red with each fountain of Lava before it crashed to earth and slowly faded back into the shadows….. well, that’s why you do it I guess.

Volcan Telica

Volcan Madera
Volcan Conception


To name a few…. .

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