10 Minutes in First Class

Can you call it First if there is only one? Well I can, and if you disagree count the number of classes and stop when you get to where I sat. 

I love flying on small aircraft, it’s so personal and when its turbulent soooo much FUN! And this was by far the shortest flight to date. The flight was booked at 10 minutes but due to favourable winds we arrived early – at 9:10 minutes. And the entire time no higher than a solid football kick of the ground. Sadly I forgot to add my FF program to the booking so may have missed out on some valuable points there….but I’m not sure Vieques Airlink is part of any alliance anymore anyways.

Flight: Ceiba (RVR) to Vieques (VQS)

Distance: 12mi / 19.3km

Flight Time: 10 Minutes


The View from the Wing

I even had a complete row to myself.




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