Saying Goodbye to the Girls

It’s a particularly melancholy feeling you get packing away your things, not really wondering when your actually ever going to see them again but knowing when you do, life, just won’t be the same. For the most part there is not much in the material world that I genuinely care for and these are easy things to pack, but for the few things I do care for, I CARE ALOT!

Maybe its my love of travel; the freedom and feeling of being able to go anyway and at any time that’s why I also love Motorbikes. And that’s now such a big part of my life that putting them all to bed is, well, it’s a little sad.

But then I remember Samy the Vietnamese Sufat WIN 250cc (read Honda WIN knockoff). We were a solid team and whilst our time was short I loved every minute with her. Despite the oil bottle hanging from the bars (just in front of LH switch-block), the speedo not working, neutral being somewhat optional and a raft of other peculiarities it would run on anything, start every time (somehow?) and was just one hell-of-a good bike!!!

So I guess when you start to miss what you’re leaving behind (even before you’ve left), you need to look at what you’re heading and it then just seems worth it again. Well, at least for the toys….

Some of my girls (past or present)

The 600F BabyBird (H/T: Brian Driscoll for the Image)
The 1100XX BigBird
Gemma the 09 Cheif!


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